Ear Monitor Systems
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The PSM 600 features crystal-controlled analog operation for superior sound quality. It delivers a full frequency range and great stereo separation. Even the deepest bass notes come through loud and clear. 
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Shure PA760. UHF Antenna Combiners are designed to allow up to four PSM wireless transmitters to use a single antenna. The unit combines four PSM wireless transmitters to a single antenna, reducing stage clutter and improving intermodulation distortion performance.

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The DBX 160SL emulates the performance of the classic dbx 160 and 165A compressors, but adds the voicings of the newer-type dbx compressors, offering everything you need to perfectly process a variety of signals to your taste. Features include ultra high-drive transformer-coupled outputs, dbx Type IV conversion, and a system digital output option
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The Alan Smart C2 compressor has long been considered the "upgrade" to the SSL stereo buss compressor made famous in SSL large format consoles. It features 130db of dynamic range, external side chain inputs, "crush" mode for extreme compression, fast limit, next generation VCA's, fast slew rate amplifiers, two sets of controls that can be used on two individual instrument tracks or ganged together for stereo use, and the ultimate mix or mastering glue that is perfect for every style of music.

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The Klark Teknik DN410 is a dual channel, two rackspace device. It features five filters per channel, and unlike many similar units, all bands are fully configurable between 20Hz and 20kHz. Each filter offers cut and boost of –25dB and +15dB respectively, with available bandwidth settings of 1/12th to 2 octaves. Further, the DN410 may be configured (via a front panel switch) to be a single channel of ten filters if required. It is fitted with high and low pass filters for each channel