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Avid Certification
Today more than ever, you need credentials to validate your professional expertise and to be visible in a competitive landscape. Avid certification provides an acknowledged standard of excellence‐the best way to demonstrate your proficiency in Avid products and solutions.
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Avid Certification:
  • Helps professionals build an acknowledged standard of excellence.
  • Provides a valid and fair method to test relevant skills and knowledge.
  • Connects a community of professionals.
Who Certifies?
In the past, certification was relevant mainly to professionals who were required to provide measurable evidence of a level of skill or knowledge. Medical staff, technicians, teachers, and other professionals achieved and maintained certification as a professional requirement. More recently, exam‐based certification is used to provide proven levels of expertise in specific tools, products, and methodologies. As a result, new certification programs are being established and are attracting a different type of candidate including:
  • Employees who play a critical role in their organization, to support, create, and innovate.
  • Independent consultants who use certification credentials to ensure they have the knowledge, skills, and resources to get the job done.
  • Post‐secondary students completing a course or learning program.
Certification is High Stakes
Achieving certification may have significant outcomes for exam takers.
  • For independents, certification is a means to attract new clients and projects.
  • For those employed by companies, certification may be required as part of a job role. For these candidates, reward and recognition may be contingent on successful certification.
  • For students, certification may be the exit requirement for a course or degree program.
New Avid Pro Certification Session Announced

Avid Express
Oct 4

Avid Pro 110V
October 8-9, 2013

Avid Pro 210V
October 10-11. 2013

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Avid Pro 110V
Avid Pro 210V
Avid Operator Certification
Venue Express

Everyday the wireless spectrum gets more difficult to navigate. Its becoming more and more important to understand how to manipulate and deploy large complex shows
Learn RF theory as it applies to Pro Audio along with lots of operational tips and tricks.